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On the real, and I know the “way” he did it was wrong, we all know that. No need to bring up the “Decision”. 

On the real, and I know the “way” he did it was wrong, we all know that. No need to bring up the “Decision”. 

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Sacramento Chumps with the Screaming Oaf?


I am too prideful. This is where I shouldn’t think of sports. Reading the latest blog on Sactown Royalty pisses me off. They think the Kings should trade for Pau Gasol……. Yes, I am the ultimate Laker Hater, and I hate it how the Sacramento management likes to obtain players that dominate on the Kings during the regular season. I know we acquired Marcus Thornton because he made a comeback for the Hornets against the Kings before getting acquired. Same for John Salmons when he was on the 76ers, when he burned the Kings. But to get a Laker that has been yelling at the Kings after every dunk/block? I ain’t down with Pau Gasol on the Kings. I am just that prideful.

But Vlade Divac and Doug Christie from the King’s golden days were former Lakers……Sometimes being prideful can cloud my judgement for my Sacramento Kings. I feel its hard to express my hate for the Lakers, and that non-Sacramento Kings fans would understand. And if I take out my cloudy judgement, Pau Gasol would help a lot for the Kings. It hurt saying that…..

But, I recall in the past, according to my father. The only thing I get to speak to my father is basketball. He told me about Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf. This guy used to shoot 3-pointers all the time and my dad was happy that the Kings acquired him. But once he played for the Kings, he missed most of his treys. After his good season with the Nuggets averaging 19 points per game, he joined the Kings and thats when his PPG started fading and than he joined European basketball. I just hope that does not happen IF we do get Pau, the screaming oaf. 

~ Iggy Nguyen



Top 10 Iconic NBA Playoff Moments via Yahoo Sports


The list:

10. Van Gundy holds on (Knicks-Heat, 1998) 
9. Big Shot Rob (Kings-Lakers, 2002) 
8. Mutombo’s tears of joy (Nuggets-Sonics, 1994) 
7. Reggie’s furious finish (Pacers-Knicks, 1995) 
6. MJ’s legend is born (Bulls-Cavaliers, 1989) 
5. Reed’s inspirational limp (Knicks-Lakers, 1970) 
4. Larry’s legendary steal (Celtics-Pistons, 1987) 
3. Magic’s junior skyhook (Lakers-Celtics, 1987) 
2. Havlicek steals the ball (Celtics-76ers, 1965) 
1. Jordan’s last shot of glory (Bulls-Jazz, 1998)

As a loyal Sacramento Kings fan, number 9 sticks out like a sore thumb for me. Not only because it involves my amazingly good old Kings, but it involves the deepest cut to all Sacramento Kings fans EVER in the Sacramento era since 1985. 

2002, the stage was set for the Sacramento Kings to win it all. This game where Robert Horry made the three-point shot off of Vlade Divac’s volleyball slap was certainly an amazing shot for Laker Fans, but such a heart-breaker for all Sacramento Kings fans. Without discussing the referee job, this game was the ticket to the finals for the Kings. If that shot never happened, Kings would have took the highly-deserved throne as Kings. This game basically changed the whole momentum for each teams. The Lakers were extremely happy off of that game-winner while the Kings as deeply hurt. This certainly played a factor in the next games. 

A small city market, with big hearts, Sacramento. The Kings have had 19/26 sellouts for tickets for the first 26 seasons here in Sacramento. The Sacramento Kings are the only big national team we have to represent us. Growing up, this was the only thing giving us national representation. For a basketball team to change a city for the better, it means a lot. The Kings will always have that underdog mentality, and thats how I live, so I will always back up my Kings. Many disagree to this statement, but I will always say it with my Sacramento Heart, the Sacramento Kings are the real 2002 NBA Champions. 




Wow, I never thought this was a consistent strategy from the Spurs, from watching them play against the Clippers. They are hacking-a-deandre jordan because this guy cannot shoot free throws too well in order to maximize their number of possessions while the opponent misses their free throws and not score basically. It slows down the game and helps the Spurs the most due to the fact that they are the best half-court offense team in the league, which means they are on point with their set-up plays made from the current coach of the year greg pop. 

People feel this strategy is dirty, but I think it’s pure genius. Especially if its for the Spurs. Man the spurs treat these games like they are chess games, and their team colors are black and white haha. I have the most respect to the Spurs organization out of all organizations because they are hardworking and honest about basketball.

Wow, watching Magic Johnson talk right now at halftime, dude is giving so much love for the clippers because they are at staples. I am telling y’all, this guy is all about LA. Take this bias ass motherfucker off the NBA analyst table and give me the fucking job. I will do my best to erase my bias for the Kings if I have to in order to get this job.


~ Iggy Nguyen

"……has also resisted following the same career path as Shaquille O’Neal, who left the Magic for the Lakers two decades ago.”
Too bad Lakers. 

"……has also resisted following the same career path as Shaquille O’Neal, who left the Magic for the Lakers two decades ago.”

Too bad Lakers.